A native mobile app for Online Trade Community. It can be downloaded from the App Store.

30th May 2021 Completed
ID Card

All members can upload an "ID card" from the profile section. 

29th May 2021 Completed
Profile Picture

All members must set up their profile picture. Otherwise, you can not access to our website.

28th May 2021 Completed
Block Members

This feature allows members to block each other. When a member is blocked, their profile and all of their content is hidden.

28th May 2021 Completed
Private Messaging
This feature allows you to send messages to each other within our website. 
Feb Completed
Members Searching System

This feature is to allow you to see "All Members' Profile". You can search buyers, suppliers and traders.

Feb Completed
Report content

This feature will allow you to report inappropriate contents. When a certain content is reported multiple times, it will be auto-hidden.

Feb Completed
Verified Member

A verified Member is a member who has submitted an ID card. Only members who have submitted an ID card can get a verified badge and your account will be categorized in the “verified members” zone.

Feb Completed

We’ll add tutorials of the new features and we’ll be sharing updates regularly on YouTube.

Nov Completed
Push Notifications

Members receive push notifications for various events, such as when someone mentions you in the forum sections, another member sends you messages and more. 

Nov Completed
Member Profiles

This is the function for you to customize and edit your profile freely. 

Nov Completed
Media Uploading

Members can upload photos, organize them into albums, and share them for other members to see and comment. 

Nov Completed
Discussion Forums

Discussion forums allow members to communicate in a structured bulletin-board. e.g.) Buy and Supply inquiries.  

Nov Completed
Online Trade Community was established
Dec Completed
FRED'S JAPAN was founded