VGlove Examination powder free Nitrile gloves

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    VGlove Examination powder free Nitrile gloves

    Posted by Michael on February 27, 2021 at 9:44 AM

    VGloves Brand available with FOB rates:

    MOQ: (min. 6months contract)

    1. Price: $7-6.90 USD per Month

    – Min. SPA 1.024-4Million Boxes/Month for 6months,

    Total 6.144-24Million Boxes in 6months

    Min. 32containers/month of 40ft

    2. Price: $6.85 USD/Month

    – Max. SPA 5Million Boxes/Month for 6months,

    Total MOQ 30Million Boxes in 6months

    Max. 156.25containers/month of 40ft

    Max. Order accepted of 160Million Boxes/contract per year, 1st 4months will be 5M Boxes/Month only, remaining quantity will be adjusted in remaining 8months

    Supply duration can be increased above 6months, but supply/month will not increase until first 4months

    (Whatever quantity, fixed 15cents to Buyer team after AE )

    No Negotiation accepted in SOP or Contract Period (MOQ

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