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    Posted by Marvin on January 31, 2021 at 7:27 AM

    SRI TRANG GLOVE: Sritrang Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

    Amount 20,000,000 boxes / month

    Price 310 baht ($10.35) / box

    Product details

    1) The product is an English box.

    2) Products in the free zone at Laem Chabang, in case of export, do not have to pay Vat.


    1) Customer made LOI to


    With BCL or financial certificates for the total amount ordered

    And specify the destination country of export location

    2) NCNDA co-ordinator attached with LOI and BCL.

    3) The seller makes an appointment with the buyer to negotiate a contract. Along with showing documents related to the product

    4) Make a purchase agreement In which the customer issues a cashier’s check on his behalf Gradually endorse when paying for the product

    If able to do so before 10:00 on the contract date Able to pick up at Laem Chabang warehouse at 5:00 PM onwards.

    But if you do a cashier’s check after 10:00, you have to pick up the product the next day after 5:00 PM.

    5) After the contract is made, the seller will correct the export document. Match with the destination that the customer provided

    6) Payment. Customers make payment after receiving the product. By the way, the seller issues the SGS documents on behalf of the customer.

    In the event that a customer wants to use their own SGS, it can be done with a service charge of 2 baht per box.

    • Steps 1-6 can finish trading in 1-3 working days.

    • In the case of exporting to other countries There is no deduction of any taxes.

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