Nitrile / Latex Gloves

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    Nitrile / Latex Gloves

    Posted by Coco on January 27, 2021 at 8:37 PM

    We are Japanese company based in Cambodia.
    We have connection with several glove whole seller.

    Our offer is ONLY “Ready stock items”. Deposit or complicated paper work are not necessary.

    The stock status is really unstable as you known.
    We want to deal with based on LOI, so please let us know the requirement of buyer in advance.

    MOQ:1container (1m pieces/10,000box/1000carton)


    Price range: Around $6~$7/FOB

    Price range: Around $8~$10/FOB

    ※We are going to charge 3~5% of product fees as commission when both of party agree for SPA.

    1. Submit LOI
    (Please mention: Brand, Quantity, Target price, Payment terms)
    2.We will find suitable stock for LOI
    3.Submit POF
    4.Arrange buyer mandate in actual place(Mostly in Vietnam)
    5.Inspection by buyer mandate.
    6.Irrevocable SPA(pay commission to us)

    1.It would be easy to arrange if the buyer don’t mention specific brand, also accept for combination.
    2.We can not arrange crazy amount as 100m box/month or unrealistic quantity. We accept order from a container.


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