Latex Gloves $4.50 Per box 100 Gloves.

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    Latex Gloves $4.50 Per box 100 Gloves.

    Posted by Arie  on May 16, 2021 at 6:30 PM

    Latex Gloves $4.50 Per box 100 Gloves.

    The seller will not be given a commission, you might able to ask for commission from the Buyer side.

    Made in Turkey / Own Factory Production
    Packed 100 gloves per dispenser box to provide lightweight box.
    300 pcs box is available as well if buyer request.

    We are aware of the difficulties customers have in finding real suppliers and manufacturers. We know that overseas trading is almost impossible in a market where prices are constantly changing as well.

    We are producing and selling the gloves that the market needs at the most affordable price due to all these reasons.

    The gloves we are producing (50% Latex and 50% Polyethylene) we are calling as “New “Generation Hybrid Gloves”.

    Turkey is one of the most secure countries for the European countries to make collaborations and also one of the countries where road transportation is safe and easy to Europe.

    Through its extensive and well-organized transport companies between Turkey and Europe To find a truck, which is going Europe from Turkey is very very easy because transport from Turkey to Europe are available almost every day of the week.

    Shipping times vary between 3 and 9 days, depending on the company and speed you choose.

    Please contact me on WhatsApp at +447870211995.

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