Kids & Adult Available | PINK, BLUE & BLACK *3 Ply Masks* MADE IN THE USA😷🇺🇸

  • Kids & Adult Available | PINK, BLUE & BLACK *3 Ply Masks* MADE IN THE USA😷🇺🇸

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  • Dean

    December 14, 2021 at 9:37 AM

    Kids & Adult Available | Direct to AH

    *3 Ply Masks* MADE IN THE USA😷🇺🇸

    10+ years business

    100,000 to 2.5m Per week x 5 Factories
    PINK, BLUE & BLACK Available

    We can produce the *Adults* and the *Childrens/Kids* masks in three colours
    (OTG available and is offered once contract is signed)

    Adults *$1.85 per Box*
    Kids *$1.90 per Box*
    net to factory + comms (+10% or more comms)
    50:50 Split
    MOQ is 500K Boxes

    (we have seen this sold in as high as $2.05 – 2.10 to the end buyer)

    Spec Sheet

    Buyers can start picking up goods a truck at a time next week. This all depends on how quick your logistics are!

    SOP 1. NCNDA via DocuSign
    2. ICPO > (Schedule & CI returned within 2 business hours)
    3. A2A (Very quickly)
    4. Escrow // Deposit of 40% (first week)
    5. Inspection
    6. Payment
    7. Pick up/Logistics

    Zero risk; the deposit goes into an escrow and is not released until the first truck delivers, there are five factories nationwide for convenience of fulfilment.

    – *No more worries* about Port delays, Customs Bureaucracy, holidays or Chinese New Year, the bottlenecks, Cost of Containers, Overinflated Air Cargo etc.

    – I am the SM and the AH has 5 million up to 20 million a week production, from 5 factories within the USA.

    – Colors & Quantities can be mixed and match adults/kids.
    – Minimum 30-day contract.

    Upon receiving an ICPO within 2 hours we will return a Commercial Invoice with a schedule for the buyer so they can organise logistics.

    At that time of the order any available OTG can be added to the order to take immediately. (_subject to availability_) All USA production and product.
    Larger orders can be taken but have to ramp up and pricing can change.


    📞 +1 415 304 8186

    Click to WhatsApp me

    List of Current Deals

    Our MOQ is 500K boxes.

    We’ve been in business for many years.
    We have a long reputation in this industry and no online complaints.
    We are one of the largest level one 3ply manufacturers in North America. Buyers need to understand this is not an overseas transaction!

    To NOTE: Buyers are signing a legal production agreement with an American company that’s been doing this for 10 years. We obviously wouldn’t be in business if we were taking people’s deposits and running. Because of the market we have to charge a deposit.
    We used to charge 50% of two weeks deposit. (We now charge 40% of the first week as a deposit)

    This MOQ limits their upfront deposit to a little more than $300K which is a rounding error to the high majority of our clients, which are hospitals.

    They can still pick up their goods at our Houston Distribution Centre in seven days. We always have a mix of OTG, but this will only be available to you based on your logistics.
    Our masks also have a one-year warranty.
    Our masks are guaranteed to be genuine unlike any OTG transaction that you will ever be a part of.

    Or look at it this way, brokers, buyers can keep fishing for OTG where the product has no provenance or warranty and most of the sales are faulty and most of the goods are from overseas and won’t pass a BFE95 test. And they will pay over $2.10 per box on real stock or miss out on the cheap stuff and when you turn up, it’s an empty warehouse.

  • Dean

    December 30, 2021 at 10:55 AM

    This is available

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