Guaranteed commissions to buyer intermediary groups

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    Guaranteed commissions to buyer intermediary groups

    Posted by Henry  on December 17, 2021 at 2:08 AM

    Rome B, LLC Guarantees Intermediary Commissions

    Buyer intermediaries play an integral role in the PPE trade and Rome B, LLC will reward those efforts by paying them from the sell side of their transactions – guaranteeing payment of commissions after a successful close. This program will eliminate the IMFPA and the stress associated with that being honored by buyers. The program also offers a competitive advantage by allowing the buyer intermediary to offer a below market price.


    • Rome B, LLC will offer below market pricing to end buyers who will trade mandate and buyer intermediary commissions for a lower net price.

    • Rome B, LLC will sign a procurement agreement with the buyer intermediary group eliminating the need for IMFPA

    o This procurement agreement is funded by the sell side.

    o Procurement agreement will guarantee 5% commissions to the buyer intermediary group. (If further price concessions are requested the commission rate may be affected based on profit margin)

    • Procurement agreement will be paid upon the successful completion of the transaction.

    Rome B, LLC is offering this program as an option to buyer intermediaries to allow their hard work to be rewarded without worrying about commissions being cut or eliminated during closing negotiations.

    Rome B, LLC is also happy to transact in a conventional manner wherein IMFPA is established and paid by the buyer upon the close of the successful transaction.

    Please contact me with any questions or opportunities.

    Henry Schenk

    Seller mandate

    Rome B, LLC

    [email protected]


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