Cranberry Evolve 300 Production Offer from Direct Factory, Price: $ 17:50

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    Cranberry Evolve 300 Production Offer from Direct Factory, Price: $ 17:50

    Posted by Aravind on April 26, 2021 at 12:35 AM

    Production Offer from Malaysia Direct Factory


    Cranberry Evolve 300 Production allocation from Direct Factory

    Maximum Capacity 25 Million X 12 Months (Total 300 Million)

    MOQ 10M X 12 Months

    Price: $ 17:50



    Price is FOB country of origin of factory

    (mainly Malaysia/Thailand/Vietnam)


    Sign SPA Direct with Factory (Ansell, KC & Cranberry)

    Lead time after issue payment method, 30 business days,



    2 Different Payment to be made By the Buyer

    SBLC + DLC Issues Direct to Factory for base price.

    DLC issues to AH and intermediaries for profit / Brokerage fees.



    SBLC (Unencumbered Transferable Purvhased Cash-Backed SBLC)

    SBLC amount to cover 3 months contract value*

    SBLC to be issued from top-rated global banks

    For 1-time order, SBLC amount must be FULL amount of QTY order.

    Example:- if 10M 1-time order, SBLC amount to be full 10M X $0.00 = XX



    BUYER : NCNDA, LOI or PO, KYC, LOA POF/BCL (Verifiable)

    BCL to show minimum of 3 months contract value

    NO Proxy Company Allow

    Factory issues FCO after verified funds

    Buyer sign SPA with Factory

    Factory provides allocation letter and factory production schedule

    Buyer to verify batch and lot information with factory

    Buyer issues SBLC (Issuance od a Transferable Unencumbered Deferred Purchased SBLC)

    Monthly / Weekly SGS Inspection appointed by Buyer


    WhatsApp: +91-9731016467

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