cranberry evolve 300 count

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    cranberry evolve 300 count

    Posted by Hany on April 7, 2022 at 6:26 PM

    Cranberry Evolve 300 count*

     $20M Mutually and simultaneously funded performance escrow to receive verifiable SGS for lots of 100M or greater $10M for lots 50M & less
     NO POF
     100% OTG
     Close 3 to 4 business days
     Direct to owner of goods aka title holder


     500M $25.50 inc 50c comms
     100M $26.50 inc 50c comms
     50M $27.50 inc 50c comms
     25M $28.00 inc 50c comms
     10M $28.50 inc 50c comms


     NCNDA
     ICPO, KYC and AML
     DD
     Alpha FCO (confirms product and SGS under penalty of perjury)
     SPA & Mutually Funded Performance escrow agreement redlined, signed and funded
     Verifiable SGS to buyer via SGS portal
     Fully fund remainder of escrow
     Full SGS & Inspections
     Transfer Title & Funds

    *Performance Escrow*

    Both parties mutually and simultaneously fund the performance escrow (3rd party or neutral escrow agent like JPM Chase). For the buyer the escrow acts as a small deposit assuming they can fund the remainder of the escrow after verifiable SGS is shared with them. The mutually funded escrow establishes the seller is legitimate as they forfeit their escrow fund if they cannot provide the buyer verifiable, then full SGS and inspections of 100% of the goods. Once the verifiable SGS is shared the buyer must fund the difference between the performance escrow deposit and the total owed for the transaction.

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