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    Posted by Bob on March 29, 2021 at 2:00 AM

    SELL: Look at ppe supply intl dot com under Glove folder and see 10M boxes OTG every week throughout USA at warehouses. We sell 17 brands, never have enough Chemo!

    Honeywell OTG DC365 $1.35/each 290k OTG (1M every 10 days) DC-300 $1.10/ea. 4M OTG

    3M 16 models OTG throughout USA and we have 1860’s all from 3M USA and prices inc. delivery to exit buyers!

    BYD Masks SPECIAL Millions in stock Call for “Deal of the century”!

    NEW AntiViral mask Japanese $2.50/ea L sizes scales at 2M month to $1.75/ea. sell $4/ea.

    Sani PurpleTop USA Mfg 160 count 250k units $6, 500k at $5.75 1+M $5.50 month contracts

    WhatsApp: 832-563-0880 or 860-608-2327

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