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    Posted by Mandy on January 17, 2021 at 2:19 AM

    Cardinal Nitrile gloves

    OTG USA,200 per box

    Price is $13.5 +10% commission

    MOQ is 100 million boxes

    We speak directly to the seller,Contact and cooperate with 3M dealer channels


    1. NCNDAwith all parties

    2. Buyer issues LOA, LOI AND POF/BCL,ICPO,IMFPA

    3. Seller issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO) in name of the Buyer

    4. (A2A,can get seller ‘s 3M authorized distribution certificate)Buyer returns the FCO and formats duly signed and accepted along with an ICPO having full bank details (TOP 20) and major AAA Bank, which acceptable from the Seller. ICPO to be addressed to XXXXX and must confirm financial capability as well as include details of the refinery, refinery codes processing and storage capacity.

    5. Seller issues draft purchase contract text to Buyer and both parties resolve issues by friendly communication.

    6. Buyer and Seller mutually sign the draft purchase contract and exchange signed contracts through e-mail or through Fax.

    7. Within forty-eight (48) hours after SPA and ICPO signing, Buyer has to provide draft L/C and draft Escrow Agreements to Seller.

    8. Seller reviews the documents and confirmed with Buyer.

    9. Within forty-eight (48) hours, Buyer has to provide formal L/C and Escrow Agreements (sets up 3% of full purchase price of the order as a penalty in escrow to Seller in case Buyer terminates the contract).

    10. Seller deals with 3M in accordance with SOPs provided by 3M.

    11. The payment is paid by an Irrevocable Confirmed Documentary Transferable L/C 100% at Sight via MT 700/701 payable within twenty-four (24) hours of Buyer’s Bank receiving SGS report.

    12. 3M releases stocks to the Buyer.

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