Available Cranberry in USA otg or cif

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    Available Cranberry in USA otg or cif

    Posted by Maysoon on March 31, 2021 at 2:09 AM

    1. Our supplier is selling it for $20.00 + 5% commission to be divided among the parties. He doesn’t need LOI/ LOA or ICPO. We will start with SPA and ESCROW agreement.

    2. Payment is made into a 3rd party escrow account, not the seller’s attorney’s account. This very secure for both sides.

    3. The time to do the transaction and receive product is almost the same as an OTG deal. 7 to 9 days from funds verification in escrow.

    4. Unlike OTG, this is delivered directly to the buyer’s doorstep. That is, his prefered location. With OTG, the buyer must pick up the product himself and ship it.

    5. As said No extra documents are needed, no LOI, no LOA, no ICPO, nothing but the Escrow Agreement and the SPA. No extra charge for logistics. Much simpler than an OTG deal.

    6. The deal is direct with the seler, titleholder, not through an attorney or proxy seller.

    7. *Payment from Escrow is released only after the product is delivered to the buyer’s warehouse*.

    8. This is perhaps the most important. The order is secure for the buyer. That is, no one can snatch it from under his nose while he is getting funds and documents in order. As you know from experience, all OTG deals are very risky as they do not wait for anyone.

    We can still supply on OTG but OTG it’s a gambling business. First come first served.

    So decision is yours.

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