Ansell Microtouch Microthin 20m x 12 months

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    Ansell Microtouch Microthin 20m x 12 months

    Posted by Tony on April 29, 2021 at 6:27 PM

    Available Ansell Micro Touch MicroThin

    240M boxes per year (20M x 12 months)

    Price – 17.90$ FOB Including comm 0.4$ starting with me, with 0.2$ for buyer side.

    SBLC + LC at sight first 2 months. No mark up allowed.

    Seller : Allocation Holder


    1. Buyer sends LOI, LOA, and POF/Bank Comfort Letter with full banking details

    2. Seller Issues the FCO

    3. Seller sends SALES & PURCHASE AGREEMENT to the Buyer.

    4. Buyer signs, stamps and returns SALES CONTRACT.

    5. Seller sends Purchase Contract for the PO quantity.

    6. Buyer signs, stamps and returns Purchase Contract.

    7. Buyer open LC. Seller will open Allocation letter before open LC

    8. Once opening of instrument of payment is confirmed Seller will issue lot no., batch no., copies of relevant test reports and certificates.

    9. Shipment will start.

    ** First 2 months open SBLC, LC at sight, then 3rd month onwards DLC at sight.

    Contact Tony WhatsApp +254 0725 571248

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