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    Posted by Nethi on January 19, 2021 at 3:26 AM


    ANSELL EDGE 82 – 133

    Special factory price by US reseller.

    MOQ 10M x 12 months

    Lower quantity and one time order can be accepted on case to case.

    PRICE : $ 13.50/ Box




    Price Validity

    24 – 48 hours

    Production line



    NCNDA, LOI, LOA, BCL and ICPO during initial application.

    NCNDA .

    Full information

    starting from

    buyer to all buyer intermediries. Must have full contact details , attached passport, signature and if company then seal must be affixed


    Must be on buyer company letterhead with

    Company name, tel number, email , website etc

    LOI to

    Indicate quantity, price,

    Glove sizes breakdown, payment term, sgs inspection at buyer cost

    To acknowledge that allocation documentation will be shared by seller only after Escrow set up / LC is open


    Buyer’s bank must be

    AAA bank or international bank

    ( US banks preferred ) especially for LC payment terms.

    BCL to be on original bank letterhead with bank officer name, tel , e.mail and bank seal

    BCL to indicate buyer RWA ( ready, willing and able ) to undertake purchase and bank to attest purchase amount

    and buyer has sufficient fund kept aside for the procurement.

    Seller may provide additional document to seek authorisation to contact buyer’s bank.


    Must be legal firm letter head with attorney / lawyer signature , name, tel contact , e mail and legal firm seal.

    If buyer is not end buyer.

    Must show relationship

    of end buyer and proxy buyer. End buyer attorney must give authorisation to proxy buyer to deal , communicate and guarantee payment to seller for on behalf of proxy buyer for the procurement. Seller name will be shared for this purpose.

    Due Dilligence

    48 hours to 72 hours due to time difference .

    FCO issuance . Once signed by buyer,

    SPA draft will be shared

    SPA signing

    IMFPA information starting from buyer mandate / intermediries

    to be send to seller mandate .

    Commission paid by seller . All taxes / bank transfers are to be borned by brokers / Intermederies / beneficiaries / via appointed paymasters.

    Escrow set up / LC to be open with A grade bank .

    SGS inspection at buyer cost

    Escrow / transferable payment LC released

    Stock release and shipment

    Note :

    Only serious buyers with sufficient proof of funds and genuine documents need to apply. Seller has the right to refuse any buyer including proxy buyers without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

    Seller / seller mandate has the right to call end buyer and if applicable proxy buyers for a KYC .

    RCV ref :

    AE 1350 / SJ/CITI /.USA


    Contact me on whatsup +919704700123

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