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    Posted by John on January 25, 2021 at 1:07 PM


    We are a logistics firm that has access to Private Dealers in Case there are direct buyer mandates here!


    Price: 19.25 + 5% commission, $20.21

    Location: LA, USA, OTG

    We are directly to the Seller Mandate; they own the title and we hate playing the rabbit hole game of joker brokers.


    1_ NCDA even buyer Mandate

    2_ LOI and ICPO issued to Formukleen (for cage code)

    3_ A2A

    4_ POF discussed between buyer and seller along with FCO issued by Seller

    5_ Once done, funds locked by Buyer (which gives security to the buyer for the transaction, no escrow needed)

    6_ SPA/SGS/Deal Closed

    The commissions are divided to give 50% to the Buy Side

    You can contact me at [email protected],

    Feel free to ask me of my background and on the logistics firm to give assurance

    – John I.


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