3M1860 USA OTG

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    3M1860 USA OTG

    Posted by Ajeet on April 30, 2021 at 6:28 PM

    3M 1860 OTG available on the ground of USA QTY 1B-5B

    Price 1.40 Including Commission

    Origin USA

    Buyer issue the LOI and LOA and ICPO

    Seller issue the FCO and share spa and npa draft ones both sign the spa and npa.

    Buyer submit the POF (bcl,mt199.mt799)ones seller verified POF from the bank immediately provide the POL proof of stock documents for buyer reference.

    Seller and buyer attorney discuss escrow set up buyer will load escrow and get the inspection of stock.

    Seller transfer the title and give stock custody to buyer and escrow release.

    No proxy buyer will be entertain only end buyer who having really money

    ( Dubai and HK OTG/CIF also available)

    For further query please WhatsApp- +919137067233

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