3M Reseller/Cranberry/Cardinal/ OTG/CIF (Europe/USA/Worldwide) Seller Mandate

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    3M Reseller/Cranberry/Cardinal/ OTG/CIF (Europe/USA/Worldwide) Seller Mandate

    Posted by Abiola on January 12, 2022 at 10:42 AM

    We are Seller Mandate Direct to Seller Company for above Products. If our SOP works for you, we would like to do business with you. Our mutual performance guarantee with a 3rd Party Escrow Attorney in the USA demonstrates our genuine ability to deliver your products at the most competitive pricing.

    If you require any of the products above, contact us with your target Price and will confirm if we can handle the business for you. watsapp (Abi.):+17807926074

    [email protected]

    Cranberry Evolve 300—- $21.50 Allin 50% Comm open to Buyer side (OTG/Tranche USA

    2B 3M 1860 Mask———$1.30 Allin 50% Comm open to Buyer side OTG/Tranche USA

    190M 3M 1860 Mask——-$2.00 Allin 50% Comm open to Buyer side OTG/Tranche Europe

    3M 9332+ Mask————$2.90 Allin 50% Comm open to Buyer side CIF Worldwide

    Seller Mandate Section 1:


    LOI & LOA & ICPO

    Availability confirmation of stocks or production capacities

    SPA Provided within 24 hours:

    Signed and returned to Seller. IMFPA Details completed.

    A Mutual Contractual Penalty Payment is required after signing the SPA, and Escrow agreement with the Escrow lawyer. (Limiting Step)

    Attorney Section 2:

    POF (A usual proof of funds is BCL, SWIFT MT199, bank officer to bank officer communication or a reliable certificate from a lawyer (usually from the escrow lawyer who has personally seen the funds).

    POF – Lot and Batch numbers, Proof of life (Verifiable from Origin)

    Within 3 business days of the POF confirmation. Depend on Ready stock or Production

    Buyer Section 3:

    Buyer Inspection

    Escrow funding / LC opening / TT payment

    Shipping schedule, cargo documents


    Release of LC or escrow account / transfer of ownership

    Documents: We usually use DocuSign to digitally
    sign the documents. All documents that are signed manually by ink should first
    be printed, signed with a blue pen and then scanned (minimum resolution 300
    dpi). The documents should then be sent directly to the Seller Legal Department
    using an authorized email account owned by the customer or their attorney.

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