3M NT400PF / nitrile gloves / CIF worldwide / USD 8.30 CIF

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    3M NT400PF / nitrile gloves / CIF worldwide / USD 8.30 CIF

    Posted by Leonid on May 8, 2021 at 9:29 AM


    10mil USD 8.50 CIF

    10mil ++ USD 8.30 CIF

    with included 20 cents commission for buyer team and included CIF worldwide.

    Mark up is allowed 50/50.

    Payment : 100%Escrow or SBLC with 2% Bank guarantee.



    1. NCNDA, LOI, LOA, POF/BCL/Lawyers Attestation Letter

    2. Seller’s Mandate- verifies documents and does due diligence.

    3. Seller’s Mandate- if all in order, full set of documents submitted to Seller

    4. Seller Issues FCO Buyer/Buyer’s mandate – signs FCO and returns

    5. Seller issues SPA

    6. Buyer – signs SPA

    7. Seller– provides order number or proof of order placement for buyer to verify with manufacturer

    8. Buyer – does his own verification with the manufacturer and informs Seller via email

    9. Buyer – issues final (ICPO)

    10. Seller – issues Proforma Invoice and Draft SBLC

    11. Buyer – opens SBLC and sends details to Seller

    12. Seller– informs Buyer to arrange SGS 3 days before stock readiness.

    13. Buyer – arranges SGS inspection on stated date.

    14. Seller– facilitates SGS with the manufacturer.

    15. Buyer – verifies and confirms SGS report independently. A copy is given to Manufacturer.

    16. Seller– initiates SBLC with Bank, encash SBLC for specific stock.

    17.Buyer & Seller make logistics arrangements and collect stock from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

    Seller will endeavour to work within the SOP timelines above on a best effort

    basis. Oftentimes the seller is subject to delays that are outside the control of the seller.

    Specific manufacturers may have additional Process for their brands. This will be advised during the enquiry stage.

    1. LOI, LOA and POF/BCL to be current dated (less than 3 days)

    2. LOI clearly mention the monthly required quantity and duration on delivery

    3. POF/BCL to be a bank statement, stamped by bank or BCL is required.

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