200M/500M Cranberry Evolve 300

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    200M/500M Cranberry Evolve 300

    Posted by Lucía  on January 22, 2022 at 9:00 AM

    500M Boxes Cranberry Evolve 300 $25.00 plus $1 procurement fee 

    200M Boxes Cranberry Evolve 300 $26.00 plus $1 procurement Fee 


    1. End buyer must be in U.S. 

    2. Seller is based in U.S. 

    3. Mutual PB of 3% USD accepted 

    4. Inspect and Pay after mutual PB issued; no POF 

    5. No LOA
    6. Facilitators call before submission 


    1. NCNDA (Buyer, BM, Seller, SM) 

    2. KYC, AML, ICPO, plus authorization letter for Funds to Seller 

    3. Buyer and Seller side preliminary Confirmation Call 

    4. SPA, Escrow Agreement and Procurement fee Agreement executed 

    5. Buyer and Seller place 3% PB in Third-Party Escrow 

    6. Release of Redacted SGS 

    7. Warehouse address, invitation letter and inspection same day 

    8. Funding of Escrow and release of unredacted SGS
    9. Logistics completed
    10. Title Transfer and payment release


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  • Thakrit

    February 6, 2022 at 4:29 AM

    Dear Company,

    I would like to order cranberry evolve 300 OTG USA in quantity 5 million boxes so please give us SOP in my conditions as follows :

    – Proxy Buyer is from Thailand

    – End Buyer is from USA

    – The Buyer’s Attorney is from the USA. (And cover the financial of buyer)

    – The funds are from the USA.

    – Payment term Escrow.

    – The target prices are between 25-27 USD (1-1.5 USD commission).

    – Can you show us some papers or documents before we make a deal that can make sure you have the products. (You can show when we have meeting in Zoom or send by personal email (hide name or number)

    I’m waiting for your reply.

    Warm regards


    (Whatsapp : +66614699422)

    [email protected]