$18.50 all in – 200M Cardinals OTG GERMANY

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    $18.50 all in – 200M Cardinals OTG GERMANY

    Posted by Benjamin on April 29, 2021 at 7:26 PM

    200M Cardinal OTG GERMANY

    *Cardinal Health* (200 ct.)
    PRICE: $18.50 all in

    1. Buyer provides LOI/LOA/KYC/ICPO (Should contain: Quantity, Product, Destination
    2. NCNDA (Buyer, Mandate, Brokers)
    3. Mandate to Mandate call
    4. Seller performs Due Diligence
    5. Seller, Buyer, and mandate call to finalize details
    6. Buyer mandate provides buyer side IMFPA
    7. FCO, Seller and Buyer proceed to purchase procedures. Performance bond issued. It will be mutual.
    8. Transaction is expected to close quickly

    MT103 for proof of funds. Once the LOI/LOA are in, the mandates get on a call to go over the details.

    Feel free to contact me

    [email protected]

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