Cranberries Evolve (300)

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    Cranberries Evolve (300)

    Posted by Janny on January 12, 2021 at 10:48 AM

    Dear All Buyers and Buyer Mandates

    This is Fire Sale on Cranberries Evolve (300)

    Price: $15.47+10% ($17.01 all in)

    M.O.Q: 50 K

    Maximum: 20 B

    *Same price for all size orders!*
    *Please act quickly*

    This can happen quickly and we should talk through the LOA which will happen at A2A stage which is 24 hours.

    1. Sign NCNDA even buyer (two tiered NCNDA: first is with brokers only, next is mandate mandate buyer seller)

    2. Buyer to sign mandate letter

    3. ICPO, LOA, and LOI issued to XXX

    4. IMFPA circulated and signed by Buyer, Seller and Intermediaries.


    5. Proof of Funds discussed between buyer and seller and shown +

    6. FCO issued by seller

    7. Once done, Funds locked by buyer

    8. SPA/SGS/Complete.


    (Make ICPO out to: Cranberry Private Seller)

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