Copper Scrap (Copper Millberry), CIF Worldwide

  • Copper Scrap (Copper Millberry), CIF Worldwide

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  • Seksit

    October 5, 2021 at 11:13 AM

    Post Date: 5 October 2021, Validity: *Current Pricing, subject to change*

    Commodity: Copper Scrap (Copper Millberry)

    Specification: Copper Purity: 99.98%

    Origin: Denmark

    Payment: MT700/ LC

    Delivery term: CIF-Term

    Quantity & Price: 1) Trial shipment: 500 MT for shipping test, pricing: $8,500 per MT
    2) 1st and 2nd shipment, 1,000 MT per shipment, pricing: $8,500 per MT
    3) 3rd – 12th shipment: 5,000 MT per month, pricing: $6,500 per MT
    *Current Pricing, subject to change*

    Loading port: Sea Port (TBC)

    Discharge port: CIF – Worldwide

    Shipment: Bulk break ship

    Performance Bond: The seller commits to release 2% of the value of the shipment as bank guarantee to the buyer bank after receiving DLC bank.

    Shipping time: Shipping starts within 7 days of confirmation by DLC as per SPA.

    Commission: $10.00/MT for buyer side. Paid by seller via NCNDA/IMFPA.


    1. Buyer and Buyer team sign NCNDA, with passport copies of each person.

    2. Buyer issues the LOI and other docs.. Documents required along with LOI…. registration copy, Passport copy of the person singing the LOI and KYC of Buyer.

    3. Seller issue official Full Commercial Offer. Buyer to accept, by sealing, signing and returning the FCO.

    4. Seller sends the invoice + signed and stamped contract to the buyer.

    5. Buyer issues pre advice including all terms and conditions through confirmed bank swift to the seller‘s bank.

    6. Seller confirmed the pre -advice swift.

    7. Buyer issues ICPO and DLC as SPA.

    8. Shipping starts within 7 days of confirmation by DLC as per SPA.

    9. Seller provides all shipping documents as per SPA for opening the DLC and sending it to the buyer.

    10. SGS or equivalent at discharge port for quantity and quality at Seller’s expense.

    11. After the inspection is performed, the goods are received; the documents are signed and delivered to the buyer to release shipping value.

    If you have serious buyer please contact me via WhatsApp +66959614551 or email:,

  • Mike 

    October 6, 2021 at 8:51 AM

    ‘Seksit, greetings and hope this email find you in good health. We are interested in your offer for our clients in China; some are smelters, others trading firm and others endbuyers.

    What’s the origin of your millberry? What can you tells us and help us verify this offer? We have a few questions to vet the product. Please email us to or visit our website to contact to further discus your millberry.


    Mike Rosagast


    1 954 558 1433 whatsapp

  • Seksit

    October 13, 2021 at 5:25 PM

    Thank you for your interested in our product. I already replied your message. Please check your mailbox.



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