Vaccine – Sputnik

  • Vaccine – Sputnik

  • Mike Emmanuel 

    April 9, 2021 at 6:44 AM

    Here is the SOP for the Vaccine (Sputnik )

    1. Buyer submits CIS and ICPO. (Acceptance of such is at sole discretion of distributor). No Gov’t letter required.

    2. Distributor send CI with terms and conditions and escrow agreement, both signed

    3. Buyer places funds in escrow

    4. 100% of payment made to manufacturer by escrow trustee

    5. FIFO date provided by manufacturer (should be 15 days or so) upon receipt of payment

    5. Buyer notified of product readiness for shipment and given opportunity to inspect prior to release and shipment to 1 of 4 distribution hubs (Romania, Panama, HK, South Africa)

    6. Buyer notified of product arrival. Arrangements in place for final shipment to end-buyer location. Buyer responsible for shipping from Hub to end country. Seller may be able to help with logistics

    We are told vaccines will be ready 15-30 days after ICPO submitted and escrow funded.

    Cost $22-25+ commission per dose.

    Note: For Sputnik the 2 shots are two different vectors (A and B). The cost is per shot. We strongly advise ordering vectors A&B together, so take that into accouter for your orders. The country will need the capability to store vector B (in accordance with refrigeration requirements) for 3-4 weeks.

    Whatsapp: +254700347066

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