Vaccine Covid 19 – by

  • Vaccine Covid 19 – by

  • Radoslav Irgl 

    March 31, 2021 at 2:52 AM

    I want to inform you in the case you have requests on covid19 vaccine..any vaccine approved by FDA and EMA let me know

    Working with COVAX platform established by WHO

    WE need to pursue 2 simple documents

    1) LOI

    2) Ministry of Health of the country requesting the product attached with LOI.

    No private can buy unless as I explained above he comes with an official ministry of Health request


    SOP Vaccine Covid 19

    NCNDA signed by the parties

    Loi for product purchase

    The mandate of the Official Government to the Buyer

    FCO which will be signed by the Official Buyer

    MT199 issue proving economic purchasing capacity

    IMFPA issuance

    Spa signed by the parties

    Payment issue

    Vaccine delivery according to the Delivery Plan in SPA.

    Working with my partner: Dr. Mauro B, Berlin


    +386 40 427 173



    SOP Vaccine Covid 19

    NCNDA firmato dalle parti

    Loi per acquisto prodotto

    Mandato del Governo Ufficiale al Buyer

    Fco che sara’ sottoscritta dal Buyer Ufficiale

    Emissione MT199 comprovante capacita’ economica di acquisto

    Emissione impfa

    Spa sottoscritta dalle parti

    Emissione pagamento

    Consegna Vaccini secondo Piano Delivery in SPA.

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