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    (1). Below and attached are documents and procedures that will explain step-by-step preparations to apply/obtain the Sputnik V vaccine. Please review the documents and SOP as I have to make few more changes as per the SOP.


    (1). We need a local Pharmaceutical company or a government agency under the approved ministry in each country that can be a part of the consortium that can manage the storage and local distribution.

    (2). Within 0-2 days after the application submitted, we will get direct contact from the government of Russia. Then they sign contracts, delivery starts by the end of the second week or upon the official agreement that will be discussed with RDIF approved Manufacturer .

    Standard Operating Procedures:

    (1). The Ministry of Health of the country issues an LOA to the CEO approved RDIF (Russian direct investment fund) Manufacturer as authorizing to Mr. Anil arrange the volume and best price, the & local Pharmaceutical company.

    a). The letter should include the list of video conference participants (full name, position, email addresses).

    (2). RDIF conducts compliance with the Client’s operator.

    (3). Organization of a video conference (or meeting): RDIF’s approved Manufactures sends an invitation to a ZOOM conference to the provided email addresses.

    (4). RDIF sends NDA – the parties sign.

    (5). RDIF sends a package of documents required for registration in the country.

    (6). If the vaccine already is registered in the country, a draft supply agreement is sent.

    (7). RDIF appoints a supplier company (from Russia or another country where vaccine production is localized and deployed).

    (8). The Customer registers the vaccine on the country’s territory – provides a letter and a draft delivery schedule. After registration, the delivery schedule is agreed upon within ten days, and the first batch is formed.

    (9). The supplier company, on behalf of RDIF, sends an invoice for payment to the company.

    (10). Government Deposits the 100% amount/ revocable transferable LC to the attorney escrow account at the JP Morgan Chase, United States or any international banks

    (11). We work on behalf of the government, pays for the batch and the facilitators.

    (12). The supplier company dispatches the first batch on schedule to the Customer’s address.

    (13). All will supply as FOB port to port

    Sputnik … 20 usd base price …

    2 usd is commission divided into 2 team .

    [ Direct genuine source]

    If you have any legit buyer

    Please contact me on Whatsapp +917597924456 .

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