NITRILE GLOVE with FDA510K and CE with a reasonable price.

  • NITRILE GLOVE with FDA510K and CE with a reasonable price.

  • Byungman Hwang

    April 18, 2021 at 9:17 AM


    Dear Head of Buying,

    I am writing on behalf of BNR Medical Co., Ltd to introduce our company to you and provide some information about the products and devices we proudly present. We are currently operating in markets located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea and are excited to be expanding our business all over the world.

    We have exported to Ghana, Congo, Singapore, Israel IgG/IgM from SD Biosensor as well as England, Switzerland, Slovakia, Netherlands, Cameroon, Tanzania, Bosnia, Philippines, and Indonesia for ANTIGEN RAPID TEST KIT from a Korean manufacturer.

    We have also supplied our manufactured SWABS for Abbott and Access BIO and 14 countries including Canada and USA. We are now in progress for England, Finland, and Austria.

    Our most recent popular exporting goods are SALIVA TEST KIT which is individually packed.

    We also connected intently with the South-East Asian Nitrile factories and allocation holders where they offer best quality NITRILE GLOVE with FDA510K and CE with a reasonable price.

    We are offering MSCS (100pcs/b) for factory contract, SUPERIEUR® (100pcs/b) as well as Ansell MICRO-TOUCH® Micro-Thin™(300pcs/b), EDGE® 82-133(300pcs) and Cranberry Evolve 300™ (300pcs/b) from an allocation holder in Malaysia.

    We are also supplying a budget glove without FDA510K too. Please do ask us if you need OEM nitrile glove.

    As we are in the same market industry and offer similar products, I felt it reasonable to extend salutations and suggest we meet in a zoom call to discuss how we can work together to serve our customer base more efficiently.

    Sincerely yours,

    Byungman Hwang

    영업 이사

    BNR Korea Co., Ltd

    E-MAIL :

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