Kimberley Clark (KC 500)

  • Kimberley Clark (KC 500)

  • Ahmed Elsemellawy 

    April 17, 2021 at 1:00 AM



    1-Time Order


    ✅ Pre Order 10M x 12months.

    ✅ 1Time Order 10M.

    Note:- 10M in Total for ALL BRAND


    Kimberley Clark (KC 500) 🧤

    Price: USD8.50

    Maximum Capacity: 100M x 12 months (1.2B)

    Ansell Edge 82-133🧤

    Price: USD 16.50

    Maximum Capacity: 50M x 12 months (600M)

    Ansell MicroTouch MicroThin🧤

    Price: USD17.50

    Maximum Capacity: 50M x 12 months (600M)

    Cranberry Evolve 300 🧤

    Price: USD 17.50

    Maximum Capacity: 25M x 12 months (300M)

    ⛔Price no more mark up.


    ❇️ Price is FOB country of origin of factory

    (mainly Malaysia/Thailand/Vietnam).

    ❇️ Sign SPA direct with Factory (Ansell, KC or Cranberry).

    ❇️ 2 Payments by Buyer:

    1️⃣ SBLC + DLC issues direct to factory for base price.

    2️⃣ DLC issues to AH and intermediaries for profit/brokerage fees.

    Payment method:

    ▶️ SBLC (Unencumbered Transferable Purchased Cash-Backed SBLC)

    ▶️ SBLC amount to cover 3 months contract value

    ▶️ SBLC to be issued from top-rated global banks.

    ▶️ For 1-time order, SBLC amount must be FULL amount of qty order. Example – if 10M 1-time order, SBLC amount to be full 10M x $0.00 = XX

    ⚠️ SOP ⚠️

    ▶️ NCNDA, LOI or PO, KYC, LOA, POF/BCL (verifiable)

    BCL to show minimum of 3 months contract value

    ▶️ Seller issues FCO after verified funds

    ▶️ Seller and Buyer sign SPA

    ▶️ Seller provides allocation letter and factory production schedule

    ▶️ Buyer to verify batch and lot information with factory

    ▶️ Buyer issues SBLC (Issuance of a Transferable Unencumbered Deferred Purchased SBLC)

    ▶️ Monthly / Weekly SGS inspection appointed by Buy


    waap +2 01223110729


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