HYBRID GLOVES (non-medical)

  • HYBRID GLOVES (non-medical)

  • Arie Landsmann

    May 16, 2021 at 6:28 PM

    HYBRID GLOVES (non-medical) GLOVEO

    These are NOT Nitrile, they are Hybrid Gloves, not the best quality but they are certified EN374 and EN455 1-2
    These are probably good for Test Stations, Tattooists, Beauticians, Hair Stylists, Restaurants, etc.(not medical)

    Attention this glove is hybrid not %100 latex or %Nitrile that’s why flexibility can’t be the same. Gloves are not %100 Latex they are %50 Latex, %50 Polyethylene.

    For further information please contact Arie on WhatsApp +447870211995

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