Cranberry OTG USA

  • Cranberry OTG USA

  • Ahmed Elsemellawy 

    March 25, 2021 at 3:45 AM

    Cranberry OTG USA:

    MOQ – 480 million

    Roll and extension is available

    $18.50 + 10%

    Commissions: 50% open for buyer side



    ICPO & KYC

    FCO (detailed SOP will be submitted in FCO)


    MT799 block funds in the account of seller or buyer (in that case BCL or BCL with ATV is needed before to check the funds before blocking)



    Pick up the product

    TT payment

    The seller is the investor from Singapore. He has his own warehouses in Miami and LA.

    That seller is connected to the top Cranberry title holders in USA. He is using his own funds to purchase the goods from them and resell to the buyers.

    He has 480 million boxes in LA and in Miami…

    After the funds are blocked in MT799 in the account of the buyer or seller… the buyer can start pick up his boxes. As soon as the last box is taking, he should TT the total cost of 480 million boxes to the seller.

    The buyer can get 480 million monthly; or each every week – up to the buyer.

    After ICPO and KYC – seller provides 25 pages FCO where is everything explained.


    Waap +2 01223110729

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