Cranberry OTG USA 100 million * 12 months

  • Cranberry OTG USA 100 million * 12 months

  • Anastasia Rzheutskaya

    April 20, 2021 at 10:39 PM

    That is not the production deal.

    The goods are ready OTG USA.

    100 million * 12 months

    Two options for the price depends on how much commissions is expected by the buyer side:

    1) $19.05 all in

    Commissions open: 8.33% + 33.33% start from you;

    2) $19.05 + 10%

    Commissions open: 16.67% + 33.33% start from you;

    The seller is the investor from Singapore, he has unlimited funds and purchases the goods from the top Cranberry title holders and reselling to the buyers.

    100 million * 12 months

    One parcel – 100 million boxes

    Contract: 12 months + 1 day

    The buyer should show BCL with ATV for the first parcel only – only for 100 million boxes (the first parcel).

    Then he should block that funds in his own account by MT799 only, money doesn’t move anywhere.

    It stays blocked for 12 months + 1 day until the end of the contract.

    Then he can come to the seller warehouse and start pick up the the first parcel (100 million boxes)… he pays nothing for the first 300 million boxes… that transaction is made on the block funds.

    Next month he can start to pick up the second parcel (100 million boxes) and as soon as he takes the last box, he pays by TT for it. And he does the same until he takes all 12 parcels. And after that he unblocks the funds for the first taken parcel.


    1) The deal is with the reseller, not with the title holder;

    2) The buyer should arrange the logistics and pick up the boxes from the warehouse by himself;

    3) For the first parcel to start the pick up it will take two weeks from the day of verifying the funds and sign SPA; after that – each new parcel will be ready in 7 days;


    Seller : Specs, Certificates and FOB Price.

    Buyer : NCNDA, ICPO and CIS.

    Seller : FCO for Buyer to sign back.

    Buyer : BCL / Bank Statements with ATV (2 bankers’ signatories and their 2 name cards for call verifications)… amount should cover the first parcel only.

    Seller : BCL authentication (within 72 hours).

    Seller & Buyer : Finalizing Delivery & Inspection Schedules, SPA signing, IMFPA.

    Buyer : MT799 Blocked Fund (the cost of one parcel only / 300 million boxes) in Buyer’s own account until the end of the contract per Seller’s instructions.

    Seller : SGS reports or Stock Title (Shown in 7 Business days).

    Buyer & Seller : Escrow Funded by Buyer.

    Buyer : Inspect stock / Arrange SGS inspection.

    Seller : Prepare and submit all documents to the Buyer include PI, DO, Production lot numbers, custom documents, certificates, SGS inspection reports.

    Buyer : Buyer starts to pick up the boxes from the warehouse… as soon as he takes 100 million boxes (the first parcel) – he shouldn’t pay anything (the funds stay blocked by MT799 until the end of the deal, for the next parcels- he pays for it 100% via Escrow or by TT.

    As soon as he takes all parcels, he can unblock the funds for the first parcel.

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