Cranberry OTG US | MOQ 5M | LOA Provided

  • Cranberry OTG US | MOQ 5M | LOA Provided

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  • Mohammad Shahriar

    March 26, 2021 at 3:00 PM

    Simple SOP with Proof of Product provided upfront (after ICPO & LOA)



    ICPO and LOA from buyer

    LOA from Seller (to prove stock)

    MT199/799 from Buyer



    No long chains/groups/layers. I’m next to Titleholder Mandate.

    Please be advised the Seller has a non-standard commission split. So in case you’re in a long chain, it will not work.

    If anyone’s looking for LOA upfront or faster A2A’s please get in touch.

    Whatsapp: +8801711084083

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