Cash and carry nitrile gloves in USA

  • Cash and carry nitrile gloves in USA

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  • Maysoon Fuad

    April 28, 2021 at 5:48 PM

    Cash/Carry Opportunities-Exclusivity

    Quick closing.



    ICPO – PO Address:(name given after ncnda)

    (light) KYC (Bank name/ bank manager’s name, phone number, email)

    SPA agreement to be signed; buyer shows recent POF, Seller issues Invoice ,

    Warehouse Inspect and Pay

    +.25cents commission available for all parties involved (BUILT IN TO ALL PRICES BELOW).

    ✳️ Queen Nitrile gloves

    560k OTG LA


    ✳️ Zhonghong pulin 510K



    ✳️ Synguard 510k

    500k OTG LA


    ✳️ Hongray (blend) 510k

    1.6 M OTG LA


    ✳️PPE-AID 510K

    900k OTG LA


    ✳️CleanGuard 510k Chemo nitrile

    650K OTG NJ


    ✳️Synguard Nitrile 510k Chemo nitrile

    3M OTG USA


    ✳️DRE 510k full nitrile

    1M OTG LA


    ✳️Synguard Intco 510k

    3M OTG LA


    ✳️Jiali Brand Full nitrile 510k approved

    700k OTG LA

    $ 12.08

    (FYI -Market price $12.45)

    ✳️Skymed Full nitrile 510k

    68K OTG LA


    ✳️Hongray Nitrile Chemo rated 510k FDA 880k box in LA $15.44


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