Ansell TMTM/EDGE Spot or production

  • Ansell TMTM/EDGE Spot or production

  • Yuchen Zhang

    April 13, 2021 at 1:17 PM

    Ansell gloves TMTM/EDGD

    (In stock)

    Minimum order quantity: 5M

    We contact Ansll dealer

    FOB: (base price) + up to $ 1 (starting from you)

    No commission is 5/5


    1~The buyer provides NCNDA + LOI +BCL+LOA+ICPO

    2~After the funds are verified, the seller provides FCO (buyer provides IMFPA) (buyer signs back IMFPA)

    3~The buyer signs back the FCO to the seller

    4~The seller provides the SPA template to the buyer (24 hours)

    5~ The buyer reads the content, if OK, then the buyer and the seller formally sign the contract

    6~The seller provides PI

    7~The buyer opens a letter of credit in accordance with the conditions in the contract

    8~A2A Check the funds, and the buyer requires the seller to provide proof of the ability to supply the goods (24 hours)

    9~SGS test report

    ~FOB Malaysia

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