Ansell Micro-Touch / Micro-Thin (MTMT)

  • Ansell Micro-Touch / Micro-Thin (MTMT)

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    July 1, 2021 at 10:24 PM

    *Ansell Micro-Touch / Micro-Thin (MTMT) – 300 pieces*

    Quantity: 5M to 100m x 12 months (Buyer to Confirm in writing as per SOP)

    *Allocation holder from Canada*

    Pricing: USD $18.00 per Box, no commission, markup for commission without any charge.

    Shipment Terms: FOB

    Note: CIF term can be discussed by buyer and seller

    Valid for 3 days from Jul. 1st

    *Standard Operative Procedure – SOP*

    1. Buyer signs mutual NCNDA (Buyer sends names for seller to instigate)

    2. Buyer issues matching ICPO, LOA (if Proxy) & Proof-Of-Funds (via RWA Letter from the Buyers

    Bank) for verification direct to AH / SM / Attorney as agreed.

    3. Seller Verifies Proof-Of-Funds Within 2 Business Days.

    4. Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the above Documents After Verification, Buyer will be

    provided with a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) & Delivery Schedule, Allocation Letter will be

    provided along with the DD of the Seller.

    5. Once the Buyer has reviewed the SPA, the Buyer then Seller will sign it.

    6. Within 3 international banking days after the contract assigned, Buyer provides a Irrevocable,

    Revolving SBLC (Stand-by Letter of Credit from a top 50 world bank) of the 2-month value of the

    quantity to be delivered. This stays in force for the duration of the contract.

    7. Seller Initiates Production.

    8. SGS is completed at the factory as each tranche of goods is released.

    9. Seller delivers to the Port of Destination according to the delivery schedule outlined in the SPA

    and arranges for the goods to be brought through customs.

    10. Funds will be released by T/T upon inspection in at the Port.

    11. Once payment has been received by the seller’s bank, subsequent shipments continue as per

    terms and conditions of the SPA.


    All documents following NCNDA to be submitted in both directions via

    email to authorized person / lawyer as agreed between parties

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