Ansell Edge $17 Production AH

  • Ansell Edge $17 Production AH

  • Cahyadi Indra

    April 15, 2021 at 12:30 PM

    For Ansell we just confirmed the new Edge with FDA 510k, which many hospitals require. This price is only slightly higher than the older Edge model and sold by an Allocation Holder. We’ve worked with the mandate and very reliable. This is an exceptional offer just released to us.

    *Ansell Edge 82-133*

    USD $17 – includes $.20 commission (50/50 buyer/seller side split), no additional mark-up allowed.

    100% Transferable LC

    MOQ: 2 mil x 6 mth or 12 mths


    – NCNDA then followed by

    1. LOI (If given with BCL, direct to SPA)

    2. FCO release (within 3 working days)

    3. FCO signed and returned, within 24 hours CIS + Verbiage by will be provided to buyer.

    4. LC draft issued by Buyer.

    5. Within 3 to 5 working days, SPA is issued to Buyer against ICPO.

    6. After SPA is signed and reverted, allotment number and batch code from factory is given, verifiable by buyer

    7. ITLC raised for production

    * Details of Allotment and allocation will be given after SPA. Buyer can call ansell to verify. The bank will also call Ansell to verify prior to raising the LC.

    *SPA signee and Paymaster to be the same company/person

    * Lead time 25 – 35 days

    *Edge currently has 510k


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