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  • Ansel MTMT/Flex/Edge

  • Sujeeth Pasupula Dhandapani 

    May 19, 2021 at 9:10 AM

    Ansell – Direct Factory Deal through

    Ansell Middle East (Ansell Authorize Distributor)

    No Proxy Buyer is Allowed Only the buyer who can provide POF with ATV.


    Ansell MTMT & Flex: $16.50 FOB MALAYSIA is the FACTORY Base price +70 Cents commission from buyer/seller will pay.

    Ansell EDGE 300: $18.00 FOB MALAYSIA is the FACTORY Base price +70 Cents commission from buyer/seller will pay.

    Ansell MICROFLEX: $16.50 FOB MALAYSIA is the FACTORY Base price + 70 Cents commission buyer will pay.

    MOQ : 1 Million x 12 months


    Seller/Buyer will be pay Commission 70 cents to brokers by IRREVOCABLE L.C or BANK ESCROW

    Buyer team 25 cents (open)

    1. This deal with direct FACTORY through Authorized Distributor ( Not any, reseller or privet seller)

    2. SPA with Direct FACTORY and Direct Authorize Distributor. ( Not with any reseller, private seller)

    3. Buyer can verify the SPA through from Ansell FACTORY / Ansell Global head office.

    4. As per Ansell company norms Buyer have to pay 10% of whole amount of contract after the SPA for booking the line. Against valid payment receipt.

    5. Buyer can verify the 10% advance payment draft communication from from Ansell FACTORY / Ansell Global head office.

    6. Allocation will transfer from FACTORY to buyer name ( Buyer will be the allocation holder) after submitting 10% advance deposit to FACTORY.

    7. In case of Ansell direct FACTORY deal there is no commission. That’s why buyer have to give commission minimum 70 cents only, which will be divide into 3 part as described above.


    8. Buyer can visit FACTORY at the time of SGS and can arrange the same from their end.

    Initial Documents – NCNDA with

    1. Buyer passport I’d

    2. Buyer company name 3.domain mail I’d

    4 buyer’s company stamp 5 buyer’s signature

    – LOI

    LOI Address to


    Sheikh Zayed Rd – Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


    LOI should contain

    1.Buyer company name and full register address with contact number.

    2. Buyer’s Company Domain mail I’d

    3. Buyer’s company stamp

    4. Buyer’s signature

    5. Brand name

    6. FACTORY base price

    7. Plus Commission 70 cents for all brokers will be paid by Buyer (Buyer Name) through IRREVOCABLE L.C or BANK ESCROW

    – POF with ATV

    – SPA and performa invoice with a contract period of 12 months

    – Purchase Order to Ansell directly Following that 10% down payment to the Ansell , then LC opened for the remaining 90%

    – Order placed and allocation line provided to end-user (Buyer)

    – Upon 6 – 8 weeks stocks will be ready at Ansell Warehouse.

    – Upon SGS inspection, stocks locked and sealed LC released to cover the other costs.


    Contact whatsapp;

    1. +971 54 525 4459 – Siddiq

    2. +919677813452 – Sujeeth

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