200M Cranberry Evolve

  • 200M Cranberry Evolve

  • Lucía Trávez 

    June 6, 2021 at 7:44 AM

    200 M

    Brand: Cranberry Evolve

    Price: $22,90

    LOA on 🖐🏼

    Commission: 40 cents Buyer Side total.

    100% real

    1. NCNDA from buyer/buyer mandate/all intermediary…/seller mandate.

    2. Buyer’s PO Docs, ICPO,LOI,LOA,KYC-AML

    3. Soft A2A => Seller attorney provides strong RWA or LOA and ATV template to buyer attorney to prepare the BCL+ATV

    4. POF vetting and prove up

    5. Hard A2A, seller attorney will prepare redacted SGS or lot number, draft SPA, Escrow Agreement to buyer attorney to verify and review.

    6. SPA, Escrow agreement sign.

    7. After SPA and ESCROW agreement signed, Buyer can inspect the product

    (accompanied by a Seller representative), and release fund to Seller escrow account with the purchase price and commission.

    8. After Seller getting the fund in his escrow account, SGS title holder will be transferred to buyer.

    9. All shipping documentations with SGS report hand over to buyer.

    whatsapp +593999725128

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